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3 Tips To Find The Right Custom Sign Company In Baltimore

May 15,2020

3 Tips To Find The Right Custom Sign Company In Baltimore

Before you commit to a custom sign company, make sure they meet the following criteria. The following tips are designed to help buyers find the best sign shops for their needs in Baltimore and the surrounding area.

1.  Look For True Baltimore Locals

Nowadays, there are lots of sign companies offering manufacturing and design services nationwide.  In fact, Baltimore Signs and Graphics is one of them. The design consultation is done online and the graphics are passed back and forth until the customer is satisfied, then the order gets shipped across the country. It’s a great option for buyers lacking any legitimate local sign shops.

However, if you’re looking for the best custom sign company in Baltimore, you need to look for true Baltimore locals. And not just because of the technicality, either–Baltimore-based businesses are simply going to be able to offer you more.

For instance, even though we offer remote installation support when working with out-of-state buyers, local clients get superior hands-on installation services. It’s so much easier–for our team and for the buyer–to drive down to your business and take care of the installation on the spot. We also offer full support with permit acquisition for Baltimore locals.

Not every local Baltimore brand is going to be the best, but the best custom sign company for your signage needs will definitely be a local one!

2.  Do Not Compromise On Experience

There’s no better sign of success than experience. But don’t mistake that for total time-in-business. In terms of sign manufacturing and design, many longstanding Baltimore brands actually lack experience, choosing to work with a limited number of sign types. The best custom sign company will bring loads of high-level business experience to the table and know to work with just about any sign type.

At Baltimore Signs and Graphics, your sign project is guided by more than 25 years of collective sales, design, marketing, and sign making experience. We are a full-service custom sign company that works with all the most popular types of indoor and outdoor signs, wraps, and graphics, and we also have experience in custom logo design, branding consultation, sign permits, and installation.

3.  Seek Cutting-edge Sign Technology

Even if you’re looking for basic custom signs, choosing a custom sign company that invests in technology always pays off. Better design and printing technology makes all types of custom signage look sharper, and typically reduces manufacturing costs, creating savings that the shop owner can pass on to you. Furthermore, you never know what the future holds–you may soon want to upgrade your sign technology, and only a tech-savvy custom sign company gives you that flexibility.

Baltimore Signs and Graphics uses state of the art technology, including our HP latex printer, color calibrated using i1 Spectrophotometer & Profiling Software for predictable accurate color, neutral color accuracy, better color matching, and larger gamut. We also use cutting edge design software and the best vinyl on the market. You can learn more about the ways we continually invest in technology on our website.

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